About us

Andrea Sigrist

Our team is made up of people who have a high level of commitment and interest in the success of the company, are motivated, trained, loyal and proactive, while being a diversified and flexible team.

Team management

The agency is led by Andrea Sigrist, an expert with over 27 years of experience in sales, promotions, customer marketing relations, training, recruitment of new talents, team leadership and motivation. With extensive experience in all areas (Punctual mission, Long-term mission and Management of the replacement).

She carries a HRSE certificate in human resources.

Our focus



Thanks to the experience and training in the field of recruitment and selection, we use tools that help us find and select talented and motivated professionals who fit the profile of the client and are ready to become part of the team.



As the owner of a technical school for makeup and beauty, Andrea Sigrist has extensive experience in sales management and supervision, experienced trainer in makeup, skin and perfume expert. Your team will have access and the opportunity to attend their courses in Promotion Expert, Makeup Consultant, Grooming Expert, Makeup Artist and Beauty in German.



Our company is committed to helping mothers who have had to take a break after raising children get back into the workforce. As well as international newcomers and experienced cosmetics professionals to enter the Swiss market.

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