Contact us and together we will determine a sales strategy and put together a customized team of promotional consultants toTrigger your salesTrigger your sales

Makeup Artist

Makeup Artists

Makeup Artists: specialists for events, fashion shows, Shootings etc.

Makeup Experts- speaker: specialists for specific orders, PR events, press conferences, etc. Makeup Consultants: Makeup Artists specialized for direct client consultations at the Counter and at events

Beauty School: Makeup Artists specialized in Self- Makeup Courses


Care experts

Promoters: Specialized in counter replacements, nursing consultations and various Animations

Skin Experts: Beauticians specialized in Soin and/ or Mini Soins events. (Cabin Care)


Perfume experts

Our promoters are true perfume experts, from classic to exclusive they will bring your audience closer to the true magic of the olfactory universe and create a pleasant atmosphere and unique experiences.

Workshop Mitarbeiterfuehurung

Employee management and team motivation workshop

Their leaders were good salespeople and employees, but they don't lead their team that way, as you expected and you are thinking if it was the right choice?
There is a solution for everything.

Personnel management and team motivation can be learned and, when applied correctly, lead to exceptional results for your company.



No time for recruitment?

We provide recruitment and selection services for permanent employees or Temporary employees an.

Based on our experience and our large network as well as by means of a predefined profile, the agency takes care of the recruitment process and the Selection for your company.



Our agency takes care of training their team to do a good job of branding the and represent their products with all the sovereignty, dynamism, elegance, professionalism and above all can present with a smile on his face.

We also offer you the possibility of conducting product training of your brand to take over independently in our premises. Contact us for more information.


Permanent positions

Long term assignments

Various options when hiring promoters and experts for a Long-term and/or indefinite work period.


Podium Expert

Promoter, trained and specialized in the acquisition of new customers in various Types of panels and events.

Workshop Verkaufstraing und CRM

Sales training and CRM workshop

Do you want your employees to increase sales?

This course, specializing in high-quality, excellent service, will help you do just that, generate additional sales and attract and maintain loyal customers.



What image do you want to convey to your audience? Our team specializes in images that convey authority, professionalism, and charisma.

Video Maker

Corporate Vídeos

What image do you want to convey to your audience? Our team specializes in image films that convey authority and credibility.

andreasigristagency personal styling2

Image Consulting

How you present yourself says a lot about you. Our team will help you identify your style and use the right tools to enhance your image.

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