Promo Expert Course

You too can be a Promo Expert!

Promoters present the beauty products and perfumes, advise customers and bring them closer to the advantages. Sounds quite simple, doesn't it?

However, it often happens that promoters are booked once and then never again, because: There are certain rules and behaviors that need to be followed in order to do the job well get things done and establish themselves in the industry. For this purpose, we have developed the advanced training course compiled to the Promo Expert!

If you like to deal with people, love the world of beauty, about dynamism, and sympathy, punctual, well-groomed, responsible and above all a Team player you are...

Or you are a makeup artist and/or beautician… But you don’t have any experience in the beauty and/or sales sector yet?

Then check out our course offerings that will get you started in your career as a promoter
and/or Expert can facilitate.

andreasigrist training

Makeup consultant

For whom? Trained makeup artists who want to enter the sales field. In this course you will learn the techniques of makeup consulting new trends as well as making profits from roduct sales.

andreasigirist trainning 02
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